Specialty Trips


Ahh, Weddings, only thing sweeter would be to get married out on Wallowa Lake on a Glass Bottom Kayak 🙂

JO Paddle will add that extra special unique charming touch to your wedding!

Take out your wedding party, guests, heck have your whole ceremony on board if you please. It’s your day, do it your way!

If you book the entire fleet you may decorate the Kayaks however you may please (within reason). Decorating and clean-up time additional.
No body paints or permanent attachments please, leave that for the Bride and Groom.

Rates start at $400 per hour for the entire Glass Bottom fleet, the longer you rent the lower the rate. We would be honored to be part of your special day. E-mail us at info@jopaddle.com, put “It’s My Day!” in the subject so we can prep our tissues.

Need a wedding photographer?
We work exclusively with Pioneer Portraits of Jospeh (they do amazing work).
Need unique wedding transportation? Check out JO Trolley.
We can set up a package deal for you if you’re interested.

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Team Building

Team Building is totally the thing to be doing, like for real.

So what are you waiting for? Work is “fun”, sure, but what you need to do is bring your team out and get on these Glass Bottom Kayaks for some real FUN. Tell Bob in accounting that he can wash his car next week, he’s going…

Spending time with us at JO Paddle is a great experience to bring your team together. Spend some quality time having some good old-fashioned fun, relax, and take that well deserved breather.
Trust us, the air up here in our neck of the woods doesn’t get much cleaner.

Who’s in charge of booking fun things for your team to do? SHOW THIS TO THEM NOW!!! p.s. tell them to book online, or if you want to reserve the whole fleet to yourselves e-mail us at info@jopaddle.com.
Have’em put “Work is fun?” in the subject. You won’t regret it.

Field Trips

JO Paddle Field Trips Are Awesome!!!

We welcome schools from far and wide, come join us on a fun adventure.

Our Glass Bottom Kayaks are fun and very educational. Students could learn about a wide variety of subjects like natural history, biology, ecology, and much more. Contact us to set up your field trip.
With enough notice we can devote one or more fleet departure times to your group.

Many schools who visit tend to split up their group with one half doing a big fun activity (like riding the Glass Bottom Kayaks or the Trolley) and the other half checks out the Wallowa County Museum and plays around with bumper boats and go karts at Wallowa Lake, then the groups meet to have lunch and then switch it up halfway through the day.

Teachers and Staff please e-mail us at info@jopaddle.com
Be sure to throw “Learning = Fun” up in the subject so we can start warming our thinking caps.

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Party Trips

Um, so yeah here’s the scoop, pretty much anything +
Glass Bottom Kayaks becomes a whole lot more fun!

Birthday Parties, that’s just scratching the surface… If you have a party of any kind then you need to add JO Paddle into the mix. Rent JO Paddle’s fleet by the hour during our normal rental times, or you can rent with us in the evenings any day of the week after 4pm with an small after hours charge.

Rates start at $400 an hour for the entire Glass Bottom fleet, the longer you rent the lower the rate.
Let us know what you want to do and we’ll set you up with a good deal to have fun!

Shoot us an e-mail at info@jopaddle.com.
Pop “Party Time” into the subject so we can break out the poppers and streamers.