Where may I buy tickets?

The best and most convenient place is here on our website. It’s secure, fast, has real time availability, and you can do it at your leisure.

To check same day availability or make reservations over the phone please call (541)886-0086.

*Please note that we proudly employ local working parents and encourage them to work from home with their children. So if you hear a crying child in the background that’s the way it’s supposed to be here at JO Paddle. 🙂

Are dogs or fishing allowed?

Due to potential damage we do not allow dogs or fishing on our Glass Bottom Kayaks or SUPs.

How many total guests can ride on one outing?

On our Glass Bottom Kayaks we can seat up to 10 guests (2 each). Our Vision SUP can accommodate 1 guest at a time.

What size life jackets do you offer?

We have size Child 30-50 lbs., Youth, 50-90 lbs., Universal Adult, and Large Adult.

What are the max load weight limits for the different boat types?

Glass Bottom Kayaks:  425 lbs    (193 kg)

Vision SUP:  285 lbs    (129 kg)

What should I bring?

You, your family, your friends, your neighbors, you see where we’re going here… Most people of all ages will enjoy our adventures. Anyhow back you the question…

Please remember anything you bring along may get wet.

We suggest bringing:

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Towel
  • Watch or Cellphone to keep track of the time
  • Weather Gear, i.e. sun protection, or a jacket or sweater depending on the time of year

  • Tips:
    It can still be quite cool here in Joseph in May and even June and once September comes around it starts again.

    We strongly urge the use of sun protection. The air is very clean here and we’re closer to the sun than you might be used to so take this sun protection tip to heart. With the reflection off the water even the shortest amount of time out there can lead to a quick sunburn.

    May I smoke on the boats?

    Sorry, no, you may not smoke during your outing while on board one of our boats. Our boats don’t mix well with fire.

    May we have food or drink on board?

    Water is great, you’ll need it in the summer for sure. For the enjoyment of all our guests and the well being of our equipment we ask that you refrain from drinking sticky drinks while on board.

    What do we do with our garbage?

    There are garbage receptacles on shore at the County Park. Please use them and help keep trash out of the lake. We all need to do our part to keep our area pristine.

    Any room for belongings?

    You can fit a backpack sized bag behind the rear seat. That’s about it. Keep in mind for whatever you bring to please make sure it’s not something that could potentially scratch the inside of the glass bottom kayak and that it’s okay for it to potentially get wet.

    How many paddles are included?

    Each Glass Bottom Kayak includes one double ended carbon fiber clear paddle for each seat. Our Mighty Canoe includes two wooden paddles. And our Vision SUP includes one height adjustable paddle. If you’d like an extra wooded paddle for children on the Canoe please put it in the notes for your booking and we’ll include it with your rental.

    Is there an age limit for children?

    Children must weigh at least 30 pounds to ride on our boats. As long as they weigh at least that much they can ride with a guest over 18. Guests must be at least 16 to ride by themselves.

    Do we need to wear life jackets?

    Yes you must wear a life jacket while on board our boats, life jackets will be provided and they are not optional.

    What’s on my boat?

    Every glass bottom kayak has two adjustable seats, a large dry bag for your shoes and other belongings you’d like to keep dry, a sponge for bailing any water that may come in from your paddles, an invasive species permit, and two bright orange floats for extra visibility.

    Can JO Paddle accommodate wheelchair guests?

    Yes and no, we can take wheelchair guests on our Kayaks and Canoe as long as the guest is able to transfer safely into the boat. You would be able to get the wheelchair next to the water by utilizing the floating dock. All of our boats sit low in the water therefor it is a good distance to lower down into the boat but it is possible. We’d suggest bringing someone who is able to assist as your host will not be able to help.