Rental Agreement


Please read this rental agreement prior to booking. We offer some pretty special vessels and they have some special rules you’ll need to follow to ensure they’re well taken care of so that everyone may enjoy them in good condition. Thank you and we look forward to hosting you.

General Rental Agreement
(Applies to all rentals)

• Everyone must wear a Life Jacket for the entire duration of the rental. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• Do not exceed the max load weight and occupancy limits of your rental. SEE LIMITS HERE
• No Children less than 30 lbs. are permitted to ride.
• Number of rentals must match number of renters (NO trading off) No one is permitted to ride unless they have been waivered.
• Operating any boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Disposing of any item considered to be litter in Wallowa Lake is illegal, let’s do our best to keep the lake clear.
• Children must be at least 16 to operate a boat solo, those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
• All floating platforms and docks other than the boat ramp dock are private property.
• All adults must sign a liability form and sign for minors prior to riding. A rental agreement must also be signed.
• Renters are financially responsible to return rentals and safety equipment in good condition –
Please care for your boats, paddles, safety equipment, etc… Keep Life Jackets in your rental when not in use.
• Follow safe boating practices; be sure to watch out for other boaters and do not cross in front of moving boats.
• If by chance, thunderstorms arise, paddle to shore, and get out of your rental until they pass.
• Your rental is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. You will receive a refund if this happens.
• Animals are permitted ONLY on our Mighty Canoe.
• If questioned by marine patrol for an evasive species permit please provide it to them. Your guide will point out its location so you may present it if needed.

Glass Bottom Kayak / Vision SUP Rental Agreement

These special Kayaks require an extra amount of care to maintain their clear enjoyable nature.
When renting our glass bottom kayaks you are agreeing to do you very best to follow these guidelines.
Scratches and excessive damage will result in additional damage fees starting at $100 per occurrence.
Items that also apply to our Vision SUP are noted as such.

• Never beach, drag, or drop your Kayak, SUP. Always tie up at the dock or carry your Kayak, SUP directly out of the water. Place your Kayak on the provided noodle pads to avoid contact with rocks / sand / grass / concrete / etc.
• Please do not wear shoes in your Kayak, we have provided a dry bag on board for your shoes if needed, wipe or rinse your feet before boarding as rocks / sand / sticks / etc. will scratch your Kayak.
• Wallowa Lake has a lot of beautiful boulders and rocks under the surface, some of them may be difficult to see.
Please do your best to avoid contact with them whenever safely possible. Avoid paddling extremely close (within 10 feet) of the rocky shore areas as other boat wake and waves may push you into the rocks.
• Please do not apply sunscreen while on board (the chemicals can damage your Kayaks finish).
• No Animals of any kind are permitted on your Kayak, SUP.

By signing this I/We understand and agree to do my/our very best to adhere to these guidelines to insure a safe and fun outing.