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Spring has sprung in

Wallowa County!

The birds are chirping, and the wildflowers are beginning to bloom.

Step into Wallowa lake


Wallowa Lake is especially beautiful this time of year.

The glacier lake melted early this last week and Joseph Oregon Paddle is gearing up

for an amazing 2022 season on Wallowa Lake.


a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background


Our reservations our now live, and space is filling up fast.

Joseph Oregon Paddle is excited to get out on the water and see some new faces on Wallowa Lake.

Jo paddle logo


If you’re looking to visit Joseph Oregon and you are looking for things to do?

As a family ran business, we treat All of our guest like family and love offering fun ideas of things to do in Joseph Oregon.

Please Reach out by calling us at 541-886-0086 with questions. 

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Embarking on a glass bottom nighttime guided tour on Wallowa Lake

This magical tour offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the natural beauty and rich history of this stunning destination in Joseph, Oregon. These curated experiences provide a chance to gain insights from knowledgeable guides who can unravel the secrets and stories of the lake, its surrounding landscapes above and below the surface of the water, while enjoying the local wildlife such as the local fish, owls, and blue herons.