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Another amazing season will soon be approaching us!

The snow and cold weather will soon dissipate…

~Always beautiful, and stunning views of Wallowa Lake~

Mirror reflection of Wallowa Lake ~February 2024


Wallowa Lake Mountains


All of our rentals and tours are Delivered to the

North end of Wallowa Lake (County Boat Dock Ramp)


unless otherwise on your Reservation confirmation email 

Glacier Clear Morning Nature Tour will be at the South end of Wallowa Lake

Scheduled June 1st-July 7th

Kokanee Morning Tour Scheduled September 5th-8th   

(Wallowa Lake State Park Boat Ramp/Parking area)

All day rentals –

June 1st 2024 through July 7th will be delivered to the South End of  Wallowa Lake 

(Wallowa Lake State Park Boat Ramp/Parking area)

All day rentals September 5th, 6th 7th and 8th 2024 will be delivered to the South End of  Wallowa Lake for the Kokanee Run

(Wallowa Lake State Park Boat Ramp/Parking area)

After July 11th We deliver at set times throughout the day at 9:00AM for our 3 hour morning rentals and 12:30pm for our 2 hour afternoon rentals.


Our tours are set up at different times depending on the time of the year. 

Our Nighttime tour last between 1.5 and 2 hours long, depending on the night. 


Our Glass bottom nighttime kayaking tour is based in the most beautiful and amazing lakes in Oregon.

Wallowa Lake is a glacier crystal clear lake at 4372 feet in elevation with endless nature abound. 

Only 5 minutes from the quaint town of Joseph Oregon, focusing on history, art, and amazing nature.




Summer time brings an abundant amount of adventure seekers, an endless amount of events, and things to do, and we’re to stay on your visit  listed at

Enjoy Getting Lost !!
Wallowa Lake, it’s Were It’s at!!!



Reserve your 2024 Adventure today !
online or by phone at  541-886-0086

Embarking on a glass bottom nighttime guided tour on Wallowa Lake

This magical tour offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the natural beauty and rich history of this stunning destination in Joseph, Oregon. These curated experiences provide a chance to gain insights from knowledgeable guides who can unravel the secrets and stories of the lake, its surrounding landscapes above and below the surface of the water, while enjoying the local wildlife such as the local fish, owls, and blue herons.